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Barber Shop, Long Island, New YorkHalloween Toy, Long Island, New YorkModel T Ford, Long Island, New YorkBayside Drive, Point Lookout, Long Island, New YorkPoint Lookout, Long Island, New YorkAmerican Flag, Long Island, New YorkIrate Woman, Wantagh, New YorkLong Island Suburbia, New YorkKhaki Fiend, Manhattan, New York CitySW corner East 51st and Lexington, Manhattan, NYSanctury, New York CityDapper Chaps, Rockefeller Plaza, New York CityEmpire State Building, Manhattan, New York CityCoffee and a Cigarette, Midtown, Manhattan, New YorkGrand Central Terminal, New York CityPanhandlers, Manhattan, New YorkSunday Best, New York CitySelfie, Midtown, Manhattan, New YorkHot Dog Stand, New York CityPing Pong, Brynt Park, New York City