Born in County Kerry, Ireland, Kevin Langan is a graduate of Crawford College of Art in Design where he received a BA in Fine Art in 2000. Having starting his artistic career as a painter, primarily concentrating on abstract compositions, Langan switched from painting to photography in his third year of art college having been influenced by the work of William Eggleston, Ernst Haas, Paul Seawright, Paul Graham and Nan Goldin.


Over the years Langan’s work continually shifts focus. In his art college years his work was concerned with movement and narrative, using film to capture his subject. Having bought his first digital camera in 2009, Langan shifted focus to the landscape photography, which held his attention until a trip to China in 2013. On that trip he made his first attempt at street photography. The experience of life in bustling cities like Shanghai and Beijing ignited a passion for the fleeting, incidental and unpredictable nature of urban life that still excites him today.  Since that trip Lagan continues to travel to cities around the world when the opportunity arises. 


Langan is also a photography teacher working with Kerry College of Further Education since 2014.