Digital Photography for Beginners



This beginners Digital Photography course is designed for someone who owns a digital camera, any type and model, and would like to improve their skills using it. On this course you will develop confidence in using your digital camera, not only confidence in using your cameras functions and features but how to apply those settings to different photographic situations. Yo will learn how to compose your photos properly using a variety of compositional techniques and rules. You will learn how to identify and fix common problems with digital photography and how to maintain your camera. You will also learn how to upload, organise and improve your images using free image editing software. 


What will be covered


  • Your camera type and it's capabilities
  • Learn how to use your digital cameras settings and functions
  • How to take sharp well exposed images
  • Understanding exposure 
  • How to identify common image problems and how to fix them
  • Good camera technique to improve the quality of your photos
  • Handling and caring for a digital camera
  • How to take well composed photos
  • Uploading, organizing and enhancing photos on your computer using image editing software 
  • Preparing images for print or for on-line publishing

and more!


Times and Dates

The course will run for six weeks, one night a week for two hour per night  7-9pm

The course will commence as soon as I get a minimum of ten interested bodies. Make sure you contact me by email ([email protected]) or by phone (087 6722325) once you decide you are interested in taking the course. 


The Community Centre in Tarbert, County Kerry


Course Cost

  •  €75 for a six week course


Sign Me Up!

If you are interested in taking the course simply send me an email, or telephone me at 087 6722325 and let me know you interest.




"I completed the Digital Photography course at Shannow Family Resource Centre in February 2013.   It was an eight week course and it was a great experience to be tutored by Kevin who has so much knowledge of photography and the practical use of our cameras.   I was afraid to touch any button on my camera before the course started in case I upset the settings but now I have no problem at all changing everything around to suit the composition of the photograph I would be about to take.   The course was enjoyable and I got to know the other people on the course and have kept in touch with some of them since.   Many thanks Kevin from Bess Cashell"

"Thanks Kevin for all your great instruction on how to use my digital camera. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned so much about how to use my camera and how to improve my images using the software you provided. Thanks for a great course, Michael Rice."